Pre-Cuauhtemoc Nahuatl Names

Here are three census records from the 16th century.  The census records list pre-cuauhtemoc names from three regions: San Luis Potosi, Cuernevaca, and Morelos. 1544 Morelos Census From: Cline, Sarah L., ed. The […]

Ometeotl, the God that Didn’t Exist

“Like the Christian god, Ometeotl is found, as members of its cult insist, everywhere; everywhere that is, except in primary sources” – Richard Haly Ometeotl is perhaps the most widely […]

Tlaxochimaco: the Month of Flowers

Tlaxochimaco takes place from August 8, 2014 to August 27, 2014.  It is during this month that the people traveled throughout the country and up the mountains to gather flowers.  […]