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(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

It is said that those then born were ample providers, good workers, and rich -One Rabbit set in, with which ended all the twenty houses of day signs carried together in groups of thirteen. It was said that this One Rabbit was a good day sign. He who was then born would be rich. There was what he might eat. But his wealth he did not just appropriate without purpose, nor fail to take; neither did it just fall to him. He took to everything and exerted his utmost efforts, such as not lying down, hurrying, and hastening. Never suffering from being defrauded, not losing anything through mismanagement, he sought diligently in all parts for advantageous dealings, and continued to seek them out. He bought all things in all places, all things for gaining a livelihood. He was very diligent, careful, and vigilant. He sought and dedicated himself not to only one thing. He never tired; he was not lazy nor listless. Indeed, he attended to his affairs day and night. Not vain nor futile was his work. ? He labored industriously to gain sustenance, his daily bread, his trail rations, his livelihood, his maintenance, the source of life, the means of living and provisions for traveling. He looked to the future and saw before him that sometimes poverty and misery would develop for and strike him. He would meet it. (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bk 4, page 127-128