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13-day period


20-day period


solar year

* If you were born between 12am and before sunrise, use the previous Gregorian day because days in the Azteca/Mexica calendar start at sunrise.

(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

They said this day sign was in no way good. For him who was then born, his fate, his gifts, were the same: misery. He lived given to talking; he would bear false witness; accusations were made; there were outcries; among others he lived in vice, corruption, and evil, as hath already in many places been said. But for him who yet lived, the readers of the day signs made it good. Later, when Seven Flint Knife took its place, they then bathed him, because, as was said, the seventh place was always a favorabletime. (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bks 4-5, page 56-57)