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Today in the Mexica Tonalpohualli, also known as the Aztec Calendar




13-day period


20-day period


solar year

* If you were born between 12am and before sunrise (Central Time), use the previous Gregorian day because days in the Azteca/Mexica calendar start at sunrise.

(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

And on Ten Crocodile, so they said, it was a favorable time. Then were born the rich, the wealthy, the satisfied, the content, the happy on earth, men and women. Just so were the following ? Eleven Wind, and Twelve House, and Thirteen Lizard. Ten Crocodile bore them all with it, and favored them all. These different concluding four day signs were good. So all went traveling in their course. Those there which achieved the "ten" position were all of a favorable time. Thus came arriving the thirteenth day sign, which concluded [the group of day signs]. (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bks 4-5, page 57)


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