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Today in the Azteca Mexica Calendar




13-day period


20-day period


solar year

* If you were born between 12am and before sunrise, use the previous Gregorian day because days in the Azteca/Mexica calendar start at sunrise.

(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

It was said that this sign was indifferent; that is to say, a little bad and a little good. One Flower and all of its various companions set in, so forming [a set of] thirteen days. Two Crocodile followed it, and Three Reed, Four House, Five Lizard, Six Serpent, Seven Death, Eight Deer, Nine Rabbit, Ten Water, Eleven Dog, Twelve Monkey, and Thirteen Grass. These various ones, it was said, were evil; but also it was said that they were somewhat good. (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bk 4, page 23-24)