Plano Parcial de la Ciudad de Mexico

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It is a historical map from the region of Tlatelolco. Detailed map grid showing over 400 land demarcated by roads and canals. Each batch of land shows the owner of the terrain along with their birth date symbol. right margin of the map are the rulers of Mexico-Tenochtitlan from Itzcoatl to Luis de Santa Maria Cipac. It was part of the collection of Lorenzo Boturini; was confiscated by the viceroy of New Spain, Count of Fuenclara. It remained on file at the Secretaria del Virreinato and then went to the Museo de Antiguedades Mexicanas in Antigua Universidad de Mexico. In 1824, it was loaned to William Bullock, for the exhibition of Mexican Antiquities held in London. [1]


  1. Translated by Samuel Tecpaocelotl Castillo