Codex Dehesa

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Made in the state of Oaxaca. Scholars propose that it was developed in the region of the Mixteca Baja. In it there is the mythical origin of their ancestors and genealogy of the lords, which are linked to a number of villages. Presents Nahuatl texts and ends with a calendar table. It belonged to the chieftainship of the Villagomez family. Attorney Manuel Cardoso located it in court records of the city of Puebla in 1863. Alfredo Chavero acquired the collection in 1869, this document was held by José de Iturbe, Lucio Rafael Najera Perez and Jose Maria Hernandez, until it got into the hands of the Veracruz politician Teodoro Dehesa, who donated it in 1892 to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia y Etnografia, now Museo Nacional de Antropologia. [1]


  1. Translated by Samuel Tecpaocelotl Castillo