Calendario Mexicano No. 7 de Veytia

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These wheels are calendrical representation of the solar calendar that includes 360 days plus five unlucky days. First page has at its center the four years: house rabbit, reed and flint and numerous sections covering the years 1654-1699 with Glyph per year. 3rd page shows the four cardinal points and 20 sections with images ranging from 1701 to 1720, which includes glosses in Nahuatl and Spanish, appreciating the center of the circle the sun and moon with human faces accompanied by stars. All 3 pages show some variant of the calendar system. Referenced in Historia del origen de las gentes que poblaron la América septentrional by Mariano Fernandez de Echeverria y Veytia. This manuscript probably belonged to Francisco del Paso y Troncoso [1]


  1. Translated by Samuel Tecpaocelotl Castillo