While in Lake Texcoco, our people witnessed the prophecy promised by Huitzilpochtli: an eagle atop a cactus with the atl tlachinolli in its beak (the atl-tlachinolli refers to the two rivers crossing the island which at the time of the vision were blue and the other red). This vision of course symbolized that the little island in the middle of Lake Texcoco was to be our promised land where we would achieve greatness.

"And then they saw, that the weeping willows and willows that stood there were white, and also the reeds and the tules were white and the frogs were white, the fish were white, the snakes were white, which lived there on the shores. And they saw, that rocks and caves stood face to face. The first rock and cave were seen where the sun rises and is called: Fire Water, Where the Water Is Burning. And the second rock and cave were seen in the direction of the realm of the dead (the north) it is called blue water and its name is yellow water. And when they had seen that, the old people cried and said: "So this will be the place, for we have seen what has been told and explained to us by the priest Huitzilpochtli, when he said: ' As you will see, there are in the tule - grounds in the reedbeds many different things.' And now here we have all beheld and admired it, for it has truly happened and the word has proved to be true, that he spoke to us." (Codex Mendoza pg.4)

We began building a village as we were able to subsist off of the marine life and abundant cactus growing on the island. In 1325, we founded and named our new nation; Tenochtitlan. The founders of Tenochtitlan were: Tenuch, Xocoyol, Tecineuh, Ocelopan, Acacitli, Kuapan, Ahuexotl, Xomimitl, Atototl, and Xiuhkakui.

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"If Brown (vs. Board of Education) was just about letting Black people into a White school, well we don’t care about that anymore. We don’t necessarily want to go to White schools. What we want to do is teach ourselves, teach our children the way we have of teaching. We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain...We don’t need a White water fountain. So the whole issue of segregation and the whole issue of the Civil Rights Movement is all within the box of White culture and White supremacy. We should not still be fighting for what they have. We are not interested in what they have because we have so much more and because the world is so much larger. And ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction. And so it isn’t about an argument of joining neo liberalism, it’s about us being able, as human beings, to surpass the barrier."

- Marcos Aguilar (Principal, Academia Semillas del Pueblo)


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