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Today in the Mexica Tonalpohualli, also known as the Aztec Calendar




13-day period


20-day period


solar year

* If you were born between 12am and before sunrise (Central Time), use the previous Gregorian day because days in the Azteca/Mexica calendar start at sunrise.

(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

So here we have only added and mentioned as a group the different day signs, which went in their courses as a series, as each day went traveling, following along, and changing: Three Motion, Four Flint Knife, Five Rain, Six Flower, Seven Crocodile, Eight Wind, Nine House, Ten Lizard, Eleven Serpent Twelve Death, and Thirteen Deer.6 (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bk 4, page 124-125)


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