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Today in the Mexica Tonalpohualli, also known as the Aztec Calendar




13-day period


20-day period


solar year

* If you were born between 12am and before sunrise (Central Time), use the previous Gregorian day because days in the Azteca/Mexica calendar start at sunrise.

(Correlation: Ruben Ochoa)

The significance of this day

It was said to be a good day sign. Of one born on it, they said his deserts and merits would be to become wealthy. There would be wherewith to eat and drink. And in war, in time of battle, he would become a brave warrior and a chieftain; he would attain renown, honor, glory, and fame. Perchance he would be a ruler or a lord. And if it were a woman, she would be quite rich; she would be a good provider; she would be well-born. She would look to and guard the services and the property of our lord. She would be a guardian and administrator. Much would she gather, collect, save, and justly distribute among her children. But it was also said that although such became the deserts of one then bom (as is already said in many places), if he did not diligently do penance, if he paid not good heed, he indeed failed, and personally brought upon himself that he lost through neglect, and destroyed and ruined what were his deserts. This was because he neglected things, worked unwillingly, was lukewarm, and lacked forethought and diligence. Indolent, he let nothing be done. He was careless, exceedingly careless, slothful, negligent, listless, and slow; a great and heavy sleeper. And he was incorrigible. He would only neglect things through laziness; advice offended and angered him. (Florentine Codex, Dibble and Anderson, bk 4, page 70)


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