Detailed Analysis of Your Tonalli

In the Mexica/Azteca tradition, the meaning of each person's tonalli was incredibly complex and rich with deep meaning. In Pre-Columbian times, practioners called Tonalpoque assisted parents in understanding the intricacies of their child's tonalli and in selecting an appropriate name. Thanks to the preservation of codices such as the Borgia, Ferjevary-Mayer, and Borbonicus, combined with crucial primary sources such as the Florentine Codex and the Ancient Calendar, we have a complete understanding of the meanings of the 260 tonallis. Each tonalli is unique and differentiated by many factors such as patrons, birds, trecenas, and dirdctions. According to the Mexica/Azteca tradition, your tonalli is the cumulative energy that you inherit on the day of your birth. In that sense some tonallis were considered "strong" and others were considered "weak." Regardless of the strength of one's tonalli, the Mexica/Azteca believed that through hard work and perserverance any negative fate associated with the tonalli could be overcome. At the same time, any positive fate associated with the tonalli could be squandered through inaction. The tonalli was thus used as a guide to follow and to help people identify obstacles that might come their way. Tonalli names were also commonly used as birth names. This is an example of what the detailed analysis looks like:

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