Anahuak – Land surrounded by water referring to the western hemisphere
Article 27 – Law in Mexican constitution that protected communal lands from being sold and what Emiliano Zapata fought for; It’s elimination by Mexican President Salinas de Gortari ignited the Zapatista uprising on January 1st, 1994
Atl Tlachinolli – The sacred struggle between the dual aspects of nature; the water and the fire
Atlakayotl – Cruelty and inhumanity
Azteka – Refers to those nations that left Aztlan in successive waves; the Mexica being the last
Aztlan – Land of the stark located along the Colorado river in Nevada, Utah and Arizona that was occupied by the native people that make up the southwest and Mexiko
Camilo Cienfuegos – Grass roots communist organizer and revolutionary in the 1960’s who resisted western imperialism in South Anahuak
Caucasians – Term referring to whites as coming from the Caucasus mountains located between the Caspian and Black seas, They lived there in caves for 2000 years without civilization
CFR – Council on Foreign Relations; Group of elite white men delegated to handle U.S. foreign policy
Chikoaze Tonatiuh – The sixth sun prophesized by the Maya as the sun of justice
Dakota/Lakota – The native people and language of those living in the plains
Delaware Prophet – First native elder to vision the unity of all indigenous tribes in order to maintain cultural identity and survival
E.P.R. – Ejercito Popular Revolucionario; A socialist Mexican guerilla army that rose up in arms after the E.Z.L.N.; Hit strategic Mexican military bases and killed police officials and threatened to raid tourist places in order to push out corporate exploitation in Mexiko
E.Z.L.N. – Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional; Indigenous guerilla army that rose in arms in Chiapas, Mexico to demand Indigenous, Human, and Environmental rights
English – Language of the English European and American invaders
Ernesto “Che” Guevara – Communist revolutionary who led revolts in South Anahuak
Federal Reserve – Non-governmental company that produce the paper money and establishes inflations, recessions, and the interest rate; Under the control of AL Greenspan, Rubins, Summers, and other Khazars
Freemasons/Masons – International secret society that oppresses the native people of the world in order to maintain white supremacy while including sellout people of color who denounce their own for personal economic gain
House Nigger – Slave who loves his/her master
Huitzilopochtli – Hummingbird on the left; referring to the sun rising in the wintertime; a concept meaning the will of a person or people to be positive, progressive, and creative
I.M.F. – International Monetary Fund; Founded by Khazars at Brentwood; Institution that lends large amounts of money to Third world countries on the conditions of allowing the exploitation of land and people with the intent of controlling their economies and their resources
Illuminati – The head secret society made up of several elite white families that oversee all world governments and economies; The masters of world oppression
Khazars/Khazaria – Group of white people that established an empire north of the Caucasus mountains and who converted to Judaism in 740 AD and are known today as Jews
Kracker – Person who cracks the whip across one’s back in order to force on into submission and slavery
Kuauhtemok – The last Tlatoani to defend Tenochtitlan; tortured and killed by the Spanish; burned slowly from his toes to his head while still alive
Kuitlahuak – Second to last Tlatoani to defend Tenochtitlan; the first to resist the Spanish invaders; led the successful removal of the Spanish from Tenochtitlan during La Noche de Victorio; died shortly after due to the filthy diseases of the Spanish
Lolta Lebron – Puerto Rican female nationalist who shot up the floor of the U.S. congress in 1954
Macehua – Humanity; the caretakers; obligated to preserve land and life
Maka Ina (Lakota) – Our sacred mother earth
Mangas Coloradas – Apache elder who led Geronimo, Victorio, and fought alongside Cochise and successfully pushed out the Spaniards from Apache lands; Later to be trapped by U.S. blue coat army and killed while invited to have peace talks
Mapachtli – Raccoon; term given to the Spanish for their actions of thievery
Mestizo – Mixed blood child product of Spanish raped Native woman; word used as a negative term to deny Indigenous roots
Metakui Oyasi (Lakota) – To all of our relations
Mexika – Nation to arrive last in to the valley of Mexiko and responsible for gathering and fusing the knowledge of different native groups of Mexiko together
Mixkoatl – Cloud serpent; a snake with a large mouth, out of which deities and ancestors emerge; Sky snake; the Milky Way
Nahuatl – The original language spoken by a large native population from Central Anahuak to the U.S. southwest
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Organization that is in charge of keeping the peace through violence
Nazi/Neo-Nazi – Caucasians deriving from savage primitive violent tribes believing in world control through white supremacy and theft; Believe in complete extermination of all people of color in order for the white race to exist
Neoliberalist/Neoliberalism – Follower of the doctrine that the economy should be free to do whatever it takes to make money be it slavery, land contamination, and destruction of our souls; Represented by the left and right wings, the amerikkkan one party system
New World Order –A white supremacist doctrine which seeks to place a one world government, one world economy, and a one world religion in order to maintain complete control over the world’s population and resources
Novus Ordo Seclorum – New order of the world in Latin; This Masonic seal can be found on the back of the dollar bill
Ocelotl – Jaguar.
Ometeotl – The creative spirit of duality-day/night, female/male etc. that recreates itself through life and death
Ordo Ab Chao – Order out of chaos in Latin; Slogan of the Masonic lodge
Popoloc – The white invader
Protocols of Zion/Zionist – Laws under which the Khazar follow that advocated world domination and Khazar supremacy by claiming to be god’s only chosen people
Quetzalcoatl – The feathered serpent; A concept meaning wisdom; Title given to those who achived the highest understanding of righteousness and humility
Reies Lopez Tijerina – Exposed how the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was never honored by the U.S.; His organization La Alianza was dismantled by 1000 federal troops in the occupation of a courthouse in protest
Shriners – Secret brotherhood society based on achieving world dominance; Higher rank of Masonic lodge
Spanish – Language spoken by the Spanish European invader
Tenochtitlan – Land of the cactus referring to the center city of Mexiko
Tezkatlipoka – The smoking mirror; A concept meaning memory as well as self-reflection
Tiahui – Moving forward with no retreat
Tlatoani – The person chosen by the people to represent them and to speak for them; Not a king or an emperor just a servant of the people
Tlazokamatli – Thank You with all my heart and gratefulness
Tonantzin – Our sacred mother the Earth
Tonatiuh – The sun which gives us the energy to live on Tonantzin; That which plants the seed on Tonantzin to produce life
Trilateral Commission – Group made up of American, European, and Japanese elite for the purpose of designing social, economic, and political policies and providing guidance for world control
Tzitzimimee – Prophecy of the return of the Galactic Maya coming to reclaim the land
Wasichu (Lakota) – Greedy and destructive person; The fat taker; A reference to the invading Europeans who, due to their lack of farming knowledge, dug up freshly buried Native graves and ate the corpses
Yaotl – Warrior defender of land and life
Yokoyani – The Great Spirit

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