The Tianquiztli Constellation

When it comes to constellations in the Azteca/Mexica culture there is not much information left for us. This is unfortunate because it is clear our ancestors tracked many celestial objects […]

Pre-Cuauhtemoc Nahuatl Names

Here are three census records from the 16th century.  The census records list pre-cuauhtemoc names from three regions: San Luis Potosi, Cuernevaca, and Morelos. 1544 Morelos Census From: Cline, Sarah L., ed. The […]

Ometeotl, the God that Didn’t Exist

“Like the Christian god, Ometeotl is found, as members of its cult insist, everywhere; everywhere that is, except in primary sources” – Richard Haly Ometeotl is perhaps the most widely […]